Hugo V workshop in Houston, TX

I had a great time participating in a photography workshop held by Hugo V at our studio in Houston, TX. It was a two day event and photographers flew from across the continent to learn from Hugo himself. The event was hosted by my friend and creative partner, Rapheal from Digital Icon.  I did the makeup and hair for the models both days. Here are some of the finished results. I love seeing the different styles of the photographers!

Hugo V Photography
Hugo V Photography
Toxic Lace Photography
Toxic Lace Photography
White Moth Photography

If you would like to follow any of the models click the links below to see their pages!

Jessica Rabbit

Holly Savage

Ashley Boston

Texas Inked Magazine

If you haven't heard yet, there is a new magazine coming to town called Texas Inked!  Its first edition is going to be released in January, and monthly after that.  Recently, I got to do Veronica Gomez's makeup for her interview with FOX 26 news, which covered her modeling career and her role in the upcoming magazine. Click here to learn more about Texas Inked

FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston